Unfortunately my dad (Syd Dean) who ran this site passed away on 10th June 2019, so there will not be any more updates to the website.
I will be leaving the sites running as long as i can for people to look through the photos and stories on here. Hope you have all enjoyed the website over the years and it's brought back good memories for you all. Rob Dean

Hello Folks

If you are thinking of getting one of my Books for a Christmas Present for yourself or Relative or Friend then would you please try to let me know as soon as possible as already I am starting to build up a list of people who are waiting for a book, espesially it seems for 'SouthHarrow Then And Now' and the 'Eastcote Lane / Roxeth Manor School Book 'The Early Years Continued'


Did You know JULIE ORMAN who lived at 21 Rayners Lane South Harrow Her Daughter is trying find any information about Julie, she went to Eastcote Lane / Roxeth Manor School and later worked at Kodak in Wealdstone and then to the Permutit Water Treatment Company, any help you can offer will be gratefully received.



'This is now a Revised edition Book with many more pages


Harrow Times: Local author and historian Syd Dean

Local author and historian Syd Dean
A library marked its 60th birthday with an event celebrating the history of Roxeth and South Harrow.
Six decades on from its opening ceremony on March 22, 1954, Roxeth Library in Northolt Road, marked its anniversary with an appearance from local author and historian Syd Dean.
After showing a short DVD looking at Roxeth and South Harrow now and then, Mr Dean spoke affectionately about his memories of growing up in the area before taking questions and memories from the audience.
Before Roxeth library was set up, South Harrow residents were reliant on shops to lend books for a small charge – something Mr Dean said he did regularly.
Now Roxeth's is one of ten libraries in Harrow and Mr Dean hopes people will continue to make use of the excellent facilities available.
“I don’t think people use the library as much as they could. I think it’d be really nice if more young people came in and used the library,” he said.
“Unfortunately, it’s one of those things, with technology now; they’re sitting at home playing video games.”
Organiser Joanne Payne, service development specialist for Harrow Libraries said: “I was really pleased with the turnout.
“It was brilliant to see so many local residents coming along, sharing their memories and enjoying the talk.”
The memories event was part of a two-day celebration and on Saturday, exactly 60 years since the library first opened its doors to the public, it hosted a free craft event, in which children and families were invited to create a mosaic to help the library celebrate its birthday

Hello Folks                                                                                                                                                     

For anyone who may be interested, I am in the process of producing another Book of Memories, owing to the fact that people are still sending their memories and pictures in to me and I have now got just under three hundred pages in the ‘Forgotten Memories’ book, so I have just started preparing aa new book.                                                          

I have given this book a working title of ‘My Memories of South Harrow Area’ this will probably be changed later, and includes Roxeth and Rayners Lane. So if you would like your own memories of the past in print now is your chance to email me, or if you prefer you can post to me and I will returned any pictures or that to you after scanning them in. These book are all printed and published by myself at home and are on a non-profit basis,  Just materials and postage, the books are £13 each ( when I started in 2005 I used to be able to get materials for £5) I do not make any profit from the books just something I like doing, and Joy my Wife says it keeps me off the streets, she just does not like me hanging around street corners, saying at 86 this month it is time that I grew up!!!!                                                             


Why not treat yourself or a Relative or Friend to a nice book
They make very interesting reading if you live or lived in the
Roxeth, South Harrow or Rayners Lane areas.

These Books have been Displayed in Roxeth Library                     

Eastcote Lane/Roxeth Manor School:
‘The Early Years Continued’
A  History of the school 1933-1985 & People’s Memories
Also contains a Pull-Out of all Senior Boys & Teachers Easter 1950    
By Syd Dean 

‘South Harrow THEN and NOW’
A History of the area with over 400 Pictures showing how          it was and is now
By Syd Dean with the collaboration of Ian Jones and Paul Turner Photographer

 ‘Remember When’
A Book consisting of People’s Memories with pictures.
By Syd Dean

‘Forgotten Memories’ (Revised Edition)
By Syd Dean
I was asked to write this book so people who
had read ‘Remember When’ could have their
memories in print as well.

All of these Books are Printed, Produced and Published by Syd Dean on a Non-Profit Basis for the benefit of both past and present Residents of the area.

To Order your copy please Email or call me for a chat

All the above books are for sale
on a Non-Profit Basis.

For the benefit of Residents
Past and Present of the Area

Are you thinking of writing a book
If you have been thinking of printing a book, perhaps with you own memories or a very nice family book with photographs of relatives both past and present.
Then I could help you, I have been producing books since 2005, that is the printing and publishing about the area where I used to live and people’s memories.
These have been on display for people to read in the local public library.
Maybe you have a story which you would like to see in print before you go to a large printing and publishing company.
This is what I can help with, so if you wanted say up to 250 pages, the books I make are all sewn together in blocks of three landscape sheets and folded into twelve pages.
So if you have three A4 sheets of paper, then folded in the middle that then becomes twelve pages of A5, the spines are then sewn with waxed thread to make the spine, allowing the cover to be put on.
The book can be as many pages as you want to use.
Cost wise would depend on the number of pages and size required, which I would give you a free estimate for.
You could either send the pages you may have written already for retyping by post, or by email.
Of course any pictures or photographs or your own text, would be returned as soon as I have scanned it in.
If you feel that maybe this could be good for you, then why not either give me a call, or send me an email and see what help I can give you.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Syd Dean


     Contact by email or telephone syd@eastcotelane.co.uk  or syd@syddean.co.uk anytime        


Joy & I offer a very gratefull thank you to all you lovely people who have purchased our books in the past
My Regards to you all. Syd Dean.

I look forward to receiving your mail.
Regards to all,
Syd Dean.

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