David Hawgood

Once again it is my pleasure to offer David Hawgood
My Thanks and Acknowledgemeents,
for allowing me to use more of his Pictures of the Area.
Please note David Hawgood holds the copyright to all these pictures

      Farthings Close. Eastcote

eastcote methodist
       Eastcote Methodist Church

joel farm
  Joel Farm, Eastcote

flag walk
     Flag Walk, Eastcote

 georgeian lodge
      Georgian Lodge, Bridle Road, Eastcote 

      Wyvale Close, Eastcote

northolt airport
Northolt Aerodrome main entrance
from West End Road, South Ruislip

Northolt Airfield from Western Avenue

Coronation Clock on Northolt Village Green

Coronation Clock on Northolt Village Green

Down Way Northolt Grange

YMCA Northolt

Target Roundabout Northolt


Northolt Methodist Church, near the Target Roundabout

Northolt Grange Free Church (Baptist) and play area

Rushdene Close, Northolt Grange estate

Ruslip Manor Methodist Church

Flats at Ruislip Manor

Ruislip Manor Library

Ruislip Manor shops

Ruislip Manor houses

Warren Farm, Ruislip